About Parline

New Parline is the IPU’s open data platform on national parliaments. It allows you to consult and compare data on national parliaments including information on structures, working methods, gender parity, women’s caucuses, youth and MPs’ human rights.

The platform is aimed at parliamentarians, academics, international and civil society organizations and the general public.

Some of the data goes back several years allowing you to see evolutions and trends over time. Much of the data is unique and only available on New Parline.

Generally, the information on the platform comes from national parliaments directly. It is updated regularly to take into account any changes that result from elections. The data covers a wide range of themes; for example, the number of chambers, the number of women MPs, the number of laws initiated by parliament and the average age of MPs.

New Parline allows you not only to find information on national parliaments but also to compare the data for all parliaments or a particular region. You can download this data in different formats, including charts and maps, and share it according to the Terms of Use. You cannot use the data for commercial purposes.


How to use the platform

How do I search for data?

The search function on the menu bar allows you to search by a field or country from a dropdown list.

The menu bar also allows you to go directly to a country and/or chamber through the Select Country or Chamber function.

How do I compare data from two or more countries?

You can compare data by using the “Compare Data” button on the top bar. You can select by field, region, subregion and/or parliament structures. You can visualize the results in a map or a bar chart.

Can I export data from New Parline?

Yes, you can, as long as you follow our Terms of Use.

How do I export data?

Scroll down to the table with the data and select CSV or XLS to export data.

If you’re interested in a map or a graph, you can use the options on the top right to export it as an image (PNG) or embed it (Embed). You can also share the page by clicking on Share and selecting the platform.

Can I get regular updates?

Yes, by subscribing to IPU feeds (see bottom of home page) and selecting the updates you are interested in.


If you have any questions, please write to parline@ipu.org.