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Parline is produced with the cooperation of national parliaments, who provide and check the data through a network of Parline Correspondents.

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Parline Correspondents

Parline is a collective effort between the IPU and national parliaments. Each parliament nominates a Parline Correspondent to provide data and updates for the Parline database.

It is essential that the data the IPU publishes on parliaments is complete, accurate and up‑to‑date. Naturally, this is important for the IPU and Parline, but also for parliaments themselves, and for all the people who rely on the information in the database.

Over the years, the IPU has established systems with parliaments to collect and verify data. The latest version of Parline is nevertheless bigger in scope and ambition. Thus the way the IPU works with parliaments on the database has also evolved by creating a network of Parline Correspondents in April 2019.

Parline Correspondents are staff members of national parliaments who act as the IPU focal point for Parline within each chamber or parliament. Their main role is to make sure that all the data in Parline for their parliament is up‑to‑date and correct. The IPU counts on Parline Correspondents to send any updates when changes occur which impact that data (e.g. changes to the Speaker, the clerk/secretary general, the number of women, contact details, etc.) and to coordinate responses to Parline questionnaires.

A Parline Correspondent must be formally nominated by their parliament or chamber and proactively inform the IPU of any changes relevant for Parline.

Every parliament should have at least one Parline Correspondent.

If your parliament does not have a Parline Correspondent, contact

For more details about the role of Parline Correspondents, please consult:

Guidance: Parline Correspondents(also available in French and Spanish)

To check which data Parline Correspondents should provide, and when, please consult:

Checklist for Parline Correspondents(also available in French and Spanish)

Corrections or updates to the data already in Parline

The data in Parline has been provided to the IPU by parliaments, or has been collected by the IPU and checked with parliaments. If you see anything that should be modified, updated or corrected, please contact us at or via the Contact form on Parline.

Please be as specific as possible about the issue that you want to raise, by identifying the URL of the page, the text that should be changed, and the new text. If you are able to provide a screenshot, that will also help us to identify and correct the issue.