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Questionnaires for parliaments

Parliaments are kindly requested to complete the questionnaires listed below.

1. Annual updates on parliamentary activities 2013 -2017
English (online or Word)
French (online or Word)
Spanish (online or Word)

2. Specialized bodies - gender equality 
English (online or Word)
French (online or Word)
Spanish (online or Word)

3. Specialized bodies - human rights
English (online or Word)
French (online or Word)
Spanish (online or Word)

4. Women's Parliamentary Caucus
English (online)
French (online)
Spanish (online)

5. Post-election data collection
English (Word)
French (Word)
Spanish (Word)

Each questionnaire is available online or in Word. We kindly request parliaments to complete the online version wherever possible, as it is much easier for us to process the data. It is possible to save or download the online version, if parliament needs to review the response before submitting it to the IPU.

Please contact if you have any questions or need any clarifications.

Questionnaires completed online will be automatically received by the IPU. Questionnaires completed in Word can be sent to or by fax to +41 22 919 41 60.

Corrections or updates to the data already on the New Parline

The data on the beta version New Parline has been provided to the IPU by parliaments, or has been collected by the IPU and checked with parliaments. If you see anything that should be modified, updated or corrected, please contact us at or via the Contact form on the New Parline.

Please be as specific as possible about the issue that you want to raise, by identifying the URL of the page, the text that should be changed, and the new text. If you are able to provide a screenshot, that will also help us to identify and correct the issue.