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About parliament

Basic information such as the official name of parliament and details of its structure and leadership. Also includes the current breakdown of MPs by sex and age, and provisions for quotas and reserved seats.

Parliament name
Milli Gengesh (National Council)
Chamber name
Halk Maslahaty (People’s Council)
Structure & Status of parliament This field is to indicate lower/upper in the back end.
Upper chamber
Parliamentary term (years)

IPU membership

Affiliation periods
from 2017
IPU Geopolitical Group/s IPU Geopolitical Groups: African Group, Arab Group, Asia-Pacific Group, Eurasia Group, Group of Latin America and the Caribbean (GRULAC), Twelve Plus Group.
Eurasia Group


Statutory number of members Statutory number of members, as defined in the constitution or other fundamental law.
Principal mode of designation of members
Indirectly elected members Indirectly elected, for example by regional parliaments or an electoral college.
Appointed members Appointed, for example, by the Head of State.
Note on the statutory number of members
- Indirectly elected members: Eight representatives from each of the country’s five regions and Ashgabat (the capital city) elected by the regional halk maslahaty.
- Appointed members: Eight members appointed by the President.
- Other: Former presidents of Turkmenistan are ex officio members of the People’s Council unless they decline to exercise this right.
Statutory number of members per country As defined in the constitution or other fundamental laws. Combines the number of parliamentarians in both chambers in bicameral parliaments.
Population (in thousands) Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects.
See historical data for this field.
Inhabitants per parliamentarian Calculated by dividing the population by the statutory number of parliamentarians.
30,746 See historical data for this field.


Data on the age of parliamentarians is collected at start of the legislature, following the most recent elections. This data is not updated during the legislature.