IPU data catalogue

IPU has many other datasets that are not included as fields in the Parline database. Access and download some of these datasets from the IPU data catalogue.

Women Heads of Government and Ministers: 2012-2021
A dataset covering all parliaments that was used to create the IPU-UNWomen map of Women in Politics from 2012 to 2021.
Openness and transparency in parliaments: 2022
An infographic presenting an analysis of Parline data on the openness and transparency of parliaments.
Open data in parliaments: 2022
An infographic presenting findings from research into the state of open data in 42 parliaments.
Governance of parliamentary administration: 2016
Data gathered from 42 parliamentary chambers as part of a research project on the governance of parliamentary administration.
SDG 16.7.1(a) Ratio of youth in parliament: 2021-2024
Spreadsheets containing the data reported by IPU for UN SDG indicator 16.7.1a on the proportion of parliamentarians aged 45 or below, relative to the national population.
Women in parliament: 1945-2018
A spreadsheet containing the number and percentage of women in all parliamentary chambers from 1945 to 2018.
Age of parliamentarians: 2008-2023
A dataset containing 1000+ records for the age of parliamentarians per chamber, by sex and by age bracket (21-30, 31-40 etc).