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Réseau de l'Assemblée nationale des femmes parlementaires capverdiennes (RMPCV)
(Janvier 2001)

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-Since its creation, the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Cabo Verde has proved to be an instrument to strengthen full democracy, seeking to ensure more equal representation of both sexes in all public decision-making bodies. Proof of this are the legislative initiatives, parliamentary debates and advocacy exercised by the RMP-CV (both in the parliamentary context and with civil society).

-The goal of the RMP-CV is to continue to bring the voices of Cape Verdean women to the highest level of the governance process, in order to ensure equal access to political power, decision-making centers, and gender mainstreaming in legislation, planning and implementation of public policies.

- Since the Special Law on Gender Based Violence came into force in March 2011, the Network of Women Parliamentarians is overseeing compliance, including field visits in all municipalities in the country, noting on one hand, the changes that the law has caused in people’s behaviour and attitudes, but noting also important constraints in implementing the same.

- The Network also carried out a gender sensitive analysis of the state budget for 2015.
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