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Assemblée nationale

Organes spécialisés - Forums des femmes

Groupe parlementaire féminin national du Lesotho
(Février 2018)

A propos

Le forum est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
Le forum est multipartite


Questions traitées par le forum
The caucus aims to provide the support necessary to promote a gender equality sensitive legislative and policy agenda and also push for women’s health rights issues to be treated with urgency. Women Parliamentarians play a critical role in exerting and maintaining political pressure, influencing and scrutinising policies and stimulating national responses to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights as well as prevention of HIV and Gender Based Violence.

The caucus condemned child marriages and any form of violation of children’s rights, and it is committed to review of existing laws related to the protection of women and girls with the aim of amending them to ensure they are water tight with harsh penalties for sexual offences, gender based violence and child marriages.
Le forum dispose d’un plan stratégique ou d’un plan d’action