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Le mandat, le mode de fonctionnement et activités des intergroupes de femmes au parlement.


Nom de l'intergroupe
Femmes parlementaires du Commonwealth
Date de création
Formel ou informel
L'intergroupe est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
L'intergroupe est multipartite
All women MPs are invited to join at the beginning of each Parliament. Membership is open throughout the Parliamentary term. The caucus is co-chaired by one member of the Government and one member of the Opposition, selected by the membership. Part of the parliament’s recognised inter-parliamentary organisation membership (through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association) also includes women Members of the IPU New Zealand Group – including the parliament's representative on the IPU Bureau for Women The Caucus develops a programme of objectives and events annually and communication of work undertaken is supported by the Office of the Clerk.
Des règles encadrent le fonctionnement du forum
Questions traitées par le forum
- Forced and underage marriage and immigration and visa issues related to forced & underage marriage (including getting legislation through the House) - Female genital mutilation - Gynaecological health - Breast cancer - Sexual harassment and violence (including of women MPs) - Family and intimate partner violence - Support for victims of domestic violence - Empowerment of women and girls - Male champions for gender quality - Women’s leadership, economic, & political empowerment (suffrage), including increasing women’s political participation and advocating sport as a vehicle to grow leadership skills - Supporting increased numbers of women in the Pacific parliaments (mentoring programme) - Increasing the numbers of women educated and working in the STEM sectors
L'intergroupe dispose d’un plan stratégique ou d’un plan d’action
L'intergroupe dispose d’un plan de communication