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Le mandat, le mode de fonctionnement et activités des intergroupes de femmes au parlement.


Nom du forum
Groupe de femmes parlementaires péruviennes (MMPP)
Date de création
Formel ou informel
Le forum est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
Le forum est multipartite
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Questions traitées par le forum
• Institutional strengthening of the Congress of the Republic through the exchange of peer experiences at the national and global levels, through concerted work on key areas, as well as with other institutions of the Peruvian State. • Strengthening the capacities of female parliamentarians in the Republic, breaking the barriers that hinder their presence in political life, developing training opportunities and staying up to date on ways to increase their effective participation. • Strengthening the socially transformative work and political participation of female parliamentarians in order to prevent them from being affected by acts of discrimination, political harassment or psychological violence. • Provide a space for inclusive dialogue that includes the Central Government and civil society, and links to those who are in risk of vulnerability, based on their gender. INCLUDE THIS INFO FROM A PAST QNN: • During the period 2013-2014, the MMPP contributed to the adoption of : the Law for Equal Opportunities, a law making femicide a criminal offence, a law that removed the conciliation process in domestic violence trials, and a law amending the limitation period for the claim of maintenance allowance.
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Congreso de la República
Plaza Bolívar, Av. Abancay s/n
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