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Club des femmes parlementaires
(Mai 2019)

A propos

Formel ou informel
Le forum est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
Le forum est multipartite
The Forum welcomes women parliamentarians of different government authorities i.e. local governments’ representatives, Federal-level politicians etc. Clubs of women parliamentarians are be created in the regions of Russia.

Ms. Valentina Matvienko, Speaker of the Federation Council, supported the establishment of the Club of Women Parliamentarians at the 458th plenary session of the Federation Council, held May 22, 2019 -- an idea put forward by female members from both chambers. The idea to do so sprung from a May 20, 2019 women's business forum "Business spring" organized by the regional branch of the Association of women entrepreneurs of Russia and the Government of the Orenburg region. The Forum brought together nearly 1000 business women who discussed the problems of success and failure in business, the development of socially oriented business, export issues, women's access to resources, Finance, markets, mentoring and transfer of experience in the women's community. 


Questions traitées par le forum
Platform to solve problems, exchange experience and ideas among participants and promote the women's agenda in the country.