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Forum des Femmes Rwandaises Parlementaires (FFRP)
(Janvier 1996)

A propos

Formel ou informel
Le forum est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
Le forum est multipartite
In addition, men interested in joining the caucus can be granted membership by the General Assembly. Members of the Rwandan parliament and other politicians who so request are also welcome to join the Caucus.
Des règles encadrent le fonctionnement du forum


Questions traitées par le forum

- Women parliamentarians have contributed to the establishment of a legal and policy framework providing a clear mandate for gender equality in the Rwandan Parliament, helping to forge the national political will needed to pass the the 2003 Constitution and related legislation on the electoral process, gender-based violence, inheritance, labour, nationality and citizenship, access to reproductive healthcare, crime (including the Penal Code and the criminalization of rape during genocide) and the governance of political parties.
- Legislation on the rights of children, a Family Code, and gender mainstreaming in the national budget.
- Yes
- The number of women in Rwanda's parliament is high, with women accounting for 56.3% of all seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 38.5% of all seats in the Senate.
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