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Forums des femmes parlementaires

Le mandat, le mode de fonctionnement et activités des intergroupes de femmes au parlement.


Nom du forum
Caucus parlementaire des femmes du Zimbabwe
Date de création
Formel ou informel
Le forum est ouvert aux parlementaires masculins
Le forum est multipartite
Membership to the Caucus is open to all Zimbabwean Women Members of Parliament and Associate Members, upon payment of a prescribed fee. An Associate Member is any former woman Member of the Parliament of Zimbabwe.
Des règles encadrent le fonctionnement du forum
Questions traitées par le forum

- Successfully lobbied for the inclusion of specific measures to protect women’s rights in the following legislative processes: Sexual Offense act, Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No. 17 Bill- passed in September 2005; <br>
Section 23 of the Lanchester House Constitution- part of the Declaration of Rights; Land reform; <br>
Advocated to pass the Domestic Violence Act and to increase women in decision-making positions.
- Domestic Violence Bill, Second Offences Bill
- Yes
- Active participation in the Constitution making process 2009-2013;
Gender mainstreaming review of existing gender insensitive legislation and policies
L'intergroupe dispose d’un plan stratégique ou d’un plan d’action
L'intergroupe dispose d’un plan de communication
Coordonnées de l'intergroupe