Election results

Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections


Election date(s) The date when elections started and ended for directly or indirectly elected parliaments/chambers. The date of appointments for appointed parliaments/chambers.
Expected date of next elections The expected date at which the next elections should take place, based on law or practice.


About the election Short description of the context and results of the election.
The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which had ruled the country between 1929 and 2000, regained power after 12 years in opposition. It remained the largest party in both chambers but failed to win an outright majority. It took 212 of the 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 52 of the 128 seats in the Senate. Outgoing President Felipe Calderón's National Action Party (PAN) came in second, taking 114 and 38 seats respectively.

Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, who led a coalition of the PRI and the Green Party of Mexico, won the presidential elections, promising to revive the economy and reduce drug violence. He is due to succeed President Calderón in December 2012.
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New legislature

First-term parliamentarians The number of members who are assuming their parliamentary mandate for the first time following the election or renewal, regardless of their mode of designation.