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Specialized body - Women's caucus

Women's Parliament of Mexico (PMM)
(January 1998)


Formal or informal
Mexico's Congress does not have an in-house women's caucus, but Women's Parliament of Mexico (PMM) was established in 1998 and has convened annually since. The PMM was endorsed, by consensus and by all female members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate in the 57th legislature (2018), along with civil society organizations specialized in women's rights.


Issues dealt with by the caucus
The PMM aims to achieve gender equality in all areas in which women are active and works hand-in-hand with the Mexican Congress' committees dealing with gender equality. It has provided a space in which Mexican women have worked towards strengthening the legislative agenda from the gender perspective.

As a venue for dialogue between women legislators, academics and civil society representatives -- it is the most important nexus between Mexico's Congress and civil society. The PMM leads the exchange, analysis and proposals for gender mainstreaming in Mexico's legislation. As part of this initiative, on 25 August 1998, a Bicameral Committee was set up to debate and promote a national legislative agenda and public policies aimed at eliminating all forms of gender bias. The Bicameral Committee included Congress's Equity and Gender Committee, which organized and followed up on PMM agreements. This exercise is consistently renewed and evaluated in order to ensure respect for and protection of the human rights of all women.