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Patricia Deveaux (Female)
Year of birth
Additional information
Elected on 6 Oct. 2021.
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Secretary general

Secretary General
David Forbes (Male)


Current number of members, by sex
Men The number of male parliamentarians who currently hold seats in parliament.
Women The number of female parliamentarians who currently hold seats in parliament.
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Percentage of women Calculated by dividing the current number of women by the current number of members.
17.95% See historical data for this field.


Youngest member (years) Age at the time of the last election or renewal.
Youngest member
Travis Robinson (Male)

Reserved seats and quotas

Electoral quota for women Quotas to promote the representation of women in parliament.
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Women's suffrage

Date of independence For countries that become independent after 1940
Women’s right to vote
Women’s right to vote Year in which women obtained the right to vote
National or local Suffrage: National or Local
Restricted or unrestricted suffrage Suffrage: Restricted or Universal
Notes Suffrage: Additional Notes on right of suffrage
Prior to independence, under British administration, adult male suffrage was introduced in 1959, although members of the electorate satisfying certain property qualifications also received a second vote. Women were granted the vote in 1961 and by 1964 all property qualifications had been abolished. The right to vote was confirmed at independence.
Women’s right to stand for election
Women's right to stand for election Year in which women obtained the right to stand for election
National or local Stand for Election: National or Local
First woman in parliament
First woman in parliament Year in which first woman entered parliament
First woman speaker
Year of first woman speaker Date at which, for the first time in the country's parliamentary history, a woman became Presiding Officer of Parliament or of one of its Houses.

Specialized body - Women's caucus

Bahamas Commonwealth of Women Parliamentarians Group (CWP)
Formal or informal
The caucus is open to male MPs
The caucus is cross-party
The CWP was founded by women delegates at the 1989 plenary Commonwealth Parliamentarians Association conference


Issues dealt with by the caucus
CWP is designed to bring female parliamentarians together in the lower and upper chambers together to work towards common goals, including being mentors to other women who would like to enter the political and leadership arena. Some areas of focus include:

Constitutional equality for men and women under the
Increasing women's participation in conferences
Discussing ways to increase female representation in Parliament
Work towards mainstreaming gender considerations in all of the Commonwealth Parliamentarians Association (CPA) activities and programs