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Basic information > About parliament


Year of birth
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Data on the age of parliamentarians is collected at the start of the legislature, following the most recent elections. This data is not updated during the legislature, except when parliament notifies the IPU of a change in the youngest or oldest member.

Average age of all members
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Youngest member (years) Age at the time of the last election or renewal.
Youngest member
Xavier Jesus D. Romualdo (Male)
Oldest member (years) Age at the time of the last election or renewal.
Oldest member
Imelda R. Marcos (Female)

Reserved seats and quotas

Electoral quota for youth Quotas to promote the representation of youth in parliament.
Legislated Quota. Legislation provides for a mechanism of proportional representation in the election of representatives to the House of Representatives from national, regional and sectoral parties, organizations or coalitions which are registered with the Commission on Elections. Youth is one of the sectors allowed to participate in this party-list system.
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Eligibility and voting

Minimum age of eligibility The minimum age to become a member of parliament, or to run in parliamentary elections, may be different for each chamber in bicameral parliaments. The age of eligibility is sometimes higher than the minimum age for voting.
Minimum age for voting in parliamentary elections What is the minimum age for voting in parliamentary elections?