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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections


Election date(s) The date when elections started and ended for directly or indirectly elected parliaments/chambers. The date of appointments for appointed parliaments/chambers.
Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature Date at which the previous legislature (elected at the previous elections) was dissolved.
Timing of election Timing of election: Upon normal expiry; Early elections; Delayed elections
Upon normal expiry
Expected date of next elections The expected date at which the next elections should take place, based on law or practice.
Number of seats at stake Number of seats contested at the elections. Where the parliament/chamber is fully renewed, this number is usually identical to the statutory number of members. Where the parliament/chamber is partially renewed or appointed, the number of seats at stake is usually less than the total number of members.
Scope of elections Scope of elections: Full renewal; Partial renewal.
Full renewal

Voter turnout

Registration Number of people registered to vote


About the election Short description of the context and results of the election.
The Grand Alliance – the ruling coalition led by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh Awami League (AL) - won 288 out of 300 general seats in the 350-member Parliament (see note 1), giving her a third consecutive term. The Jatiya Oikya Front ("National Unity Front"), formed by the AL's main rival Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP, see note 2) and its allies, took only eight seats. A record 22 women won general seats, up from 18 in 2014. On 9 January 2019, President Md Abdul Hamid (AL) convened the newly elected parliament for 30 January.

During the election campaign, the Prime Minister ran on the government's record, citing booming economic growth. She promised to make Bangladesh a middle-income country by 2021, and a developed and prosperous one by 2041. The BNP/Jatiya Oikya Front criticized the government for carrying out mass arrests and harassment of their candidates. The BNP promised to restore democracy in the country. The 2018 elections were marred by weeks of violence: 17 people died on polling day. The opposition rejected the election results, claiming irregularities; the allegations were dismissed by the election commission.

Note 1:
In addition to the 300 general seats, 50 seats are reserved for women. These seats are distributed to political parties in proportion to their overall share of the votes received in the election. On 8 July 2018, Parliament unanimously passed the Constitution (17th Amendment) Bill, 2018. It has extended the validity of the women reserved seats for 25 more years with effective from the convening of the 11th Parliament (elected in 2018), i.e., until January 2044.
In January 2019, the United National Alliance led by Jatiya Party, which won 23 seats in the 2018 elections, left the Grand Alliance. Its chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad became the leader of the opposition in parliament.

Note 2:
The BNP fought the 2018 elections without its leaders. BNP Chairperson and former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia was sentenced to prison in February 2018 for corruption charges. Her son and BNP Acting Chairperson Tarique Rahman (in exile in London) was sentenced to life in prison, having been accused of plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Hasina. The Election Commission rejected appeals by Ms. Zia against the cancellation of her nomination papers on grounds of her conviction. Mr. Kamal Hossain, an aide to Bangladesh's first Prime Minister Mujibur Rahman (the father of the incumbent Prime Minister), led the Jatiya Oikya Front in 2018.
Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of seats won by the largest party by the number of seats at stake in the election.
Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political groups winning seats breakdown
Political group Total
Bangladesh Awami League (AL) 258
Jatiya Party 23
Bangladesh Workers Party 3
Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh 2
Jatiya Samajtantric Dal (JSD) 2
Bangladesh Tarikat Federation 1
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) 6
Gano Forum 2
Independents 3
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected
Percentage of women elected The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of women elected in the election and the number of seats at stake at the election.
Note on the Distribution of seats according to sex
- In the December 2018 elections, 22 women were elected under the 300 general seats.
- In January 2019, one male member passed away, leaving 22 women out of 299 members.
- On 14 February, a female candidate was elected unopposed to fill the vacancy, thereby increasing the number of women under the general seats to 23 out of 300 members.
- On 17 February, the election commission announced the results for 49 of the 50 reserved seats for women. The one remaining reserved seat was granted to the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) whose six members are yet to be sworn into Parliament.
- As at 26 February, there were 72 women out of 349 members.
Other notes
Note on the Parties or coalitions winning seats
- As at 26 February 2019, six BNP members and two members from the Jatiya Samajtantric Dal (JSD) were yet to be sworn into Parliament.
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Women Directly Elected

New legislature

First-term parliamentarians The number of members who are assuming their parliamentary mandate for the first time following the election or renewal, regardless of their mode of designation.
Date of the first session The date when the newly elected parliament/chamber was convened for the first time. It may be different from the date when members were sworn in.
First Speaker of the new legislature
First Speaker of the new legislature First name of the Speaker of the new legislature following the election or renewal.
Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury (Female)
Political party
Bangladesh Awami League (AL)
Date of election