Saint Lucia

Parliamentary budget

National currency
East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
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State budget, per year
1,327,000,000 (2013)
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Parliamentary staff

The parliamentary administration is independent from the government Members of the parliamentary administration may be fully independent from the government For example, certain countries have a ‘parliamentary civil service’ that is different from the general civil service, which works for the Executive.
Parliament has control over the recruitment of parliamentary staff Certain parliaments control the recruitment of parliamentary staff. Parliament decides - independently from the government- when to recruit staff, what procedures to use, who to recruit, etc.
There is one or more gender equality policies that apply to the parliamentary administration Parliaments may have one or more official gender equality policies - or be subject to national policies, laws or guidelines - that address issues such as the recruitment and promotion of women staff, family-friendly work arrangements, and gender based-discrimination and harassment.