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Jemma Nunu Kumba (Female)
Year of birth
Additional information
Elected on 2 Aug. 2021.
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Secretary general

Secretary General
Makuc Makuc Ngong (Male)


Current number of members, by sex
Men The number of male parliamentarians who currently hold seats in parliament.
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Women The number of female parliamentarians who currently hold seats in parliament.
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Percentage of women Calculated by dividing the current number of women by the current number of members.
32.36% See historical data for this field.

Reserved seats and quotas

Number of reserved seats, by group
Electoral quota for women Quotas to promote the representation of women in parliament.
Ensuring that women represent at least 25% of in legislative and executive bodies

Specialized body - Women's caucus

Women Parliamentarians' Caucus
(January 2007)
Appointment of the caucus' chairperson is rotational and elected according to the three greater regions of the country: Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel, Equatoria and Upper Nile.


Issues dealt with by the caucus
-The national legislature of the women parliamentarians' caucus seeks to ensure gender sensitive laws, political processes and equality in resource allocation to improve the quality of life of women.
-The caucus gives women power to make decisions in the parliament on things regarding women.
-The caucus launched a strategic plan, to enhance women leadership and political participation in South Sudan.
-Work to increase women’s meaningful engagement in peace processes–to effectively resolve conflict and build stability in South Sudan, modelling an inclusive and responsive form of governance.
The caucus has a strategic plan or plan of action