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Data on parliamentary sessions, parliamentary committees and parliamentary groups.


Number of ordinary sessions of parliament per year
Number of days parliament met in plenary, per year
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Notes For some parliaments, data can not be presented on an annual basis, for example because parliamentary sessions run from April to March of the following year. In such cases, the period to which the data corresponds is specified here.
Until 24 May 2019 the parliament operated as a unicameral body, thus the parliament met for 31 days before, and the House of Representatives met separately from the Senate for 40 days after.
All languages recognized in the constitution can be used in plenary meetings Answer “Yes” includes the countries where only one language is recognized by the Constitution.


Number of permanent committees This number does not include sub-committees or joint committees in bicameral parliaments.

Parliamentary groups

Parliamentary groups are recognized in the parliamentary rules “Parliamentary groups” are the primary means by which political parties organize themselves in parliament. They may also be known as “party groups”, “caucuses” or “fractions”. They are different from all-party groups on specific issues, or inter-parliamentary friendship groups.
Number of parliamentary groups
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Not applicable. There is no minimum number of members to form a parliamentary group