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Openness and transparency

Information about access to parliamentary documents, parliament’s reporting to the public, parliament’s relation to Freedom of Information laws, and lobbying.

Annual reporting by parliament

Parliament publishes an annual report on its activities
Parliament publishes the parliamentary budget
The parliamentary budget is available on the parliamentary web site

Freedom of information

There is a freedom of information law in the country
Parliament is subject to the freedom of information law
Parliament has an office/division dedicated to FOI requests
Categories of Information that are exempt from disclosure Certain categories of information may be exempt from disclosure
Freedom of Information Act (2000), art. 30-32: A document is an exempt document if its disclosure under the FOI Act would be contrary to the public interest by reason that it would be reasonably likely to have a substantial adverse effect on the national economy; if its disclosure would constitute a breach of confidence; if public disclosure of the document would, apart from the FOI Act and any immunity of the Crown - (a) be in contempt of court; (b) be contrary to an order made or direction given by a commission or by a tribunal or other person or body having power to take evidence on oath; or (c) infringe the privileges of the National Assembly


There are rules about the activities of lobbyists in parliament
There is a register of accredited lobbyists