Specialized body - Women's caucus

Women's Caucus of the Chamber of Deputies
(January 2013)


Formal or informal
The caucus is open to male MPs
The caucus is cross-party
The Women's Caucus has been responsible for great advances in the defense of women's rights, previously called 'Bancada do Batom'. Its meetings take place monthly, in an ordinary way, and extraordinarily whenever a parliamentarian requests that the collegiate deliberate on a certain matter.

The Women's Caucus has a coordinator and three deputy coordinators (from different parties), elected by all deputies in the first half of the first and third legislative sessions.
There are rules governing the functioning of the caucus


Issues dealt with by the caucus
The Caucus introduced the following laws or practices:
-Maria da Penha Law on Domestic Violence;
- the Quota Act;
- the Ratification of CEDAW Protocol;
- the Act on reconstructive surgery for women with breast cancer;
- the implementation of a telephone assistance to victims of domestic violence;
- the creation of the Special Prosecutor for Women in the House, which receives and transfers to the competent bodies complaints and concerns of people regarding discussion and approval of bills, draft amendments to the Constitution and public policy discussion.

Other issues the caucus focuses on:
- women in politics: encouraging women to get involved in politics
- Child well-being and sole-parent family structure
The caucus has a communication plan

Contact information for the Committee

Palácio do Congresso Nacional, Praça dos Três Poderes
Brasília -
70 160-900