National Assembly


The mandate, working methods and activities of women’s caucuses in parliament.

Caucus name
Parliamentary Group for the Rights of Women (GPDM) (2009-01)
Date of creation
Formal or informal
The caucus is open to male MPs
The caucus is cross-party
There are rules governing the functioning of the caucus
Issues dealt with by the caucus
The objectives are to promote, contribute, socialize, deepen, and incorporate human rights from a gender perspective in order to guarantee compliance with the rights and principles of formal and material equality and non-discrimination of women, as enshrined in the Constitution and international human rights instruments, which are directly applicable in Ecuador.

The GPDM has worked to mainstream the gender perspective into the laws promoted by the National Assembly, and specific laws have been created to address the historical demands of women in order to guarantee their rights in conditions of equality and non-discrimination.
The caucus has a strategic plan or plan of action
Caucus contact details