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Data on parliament’s budget role and activities

Parliamentary powers to amend the budget
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revenues: parliament can (a) increase a of line revenue; (b) decrease a line of revenue on condition that it makes an equivalent increase in another. it will therefore vote a revenue level equal to or more than that of the project. expenditure: the state budget is organized into (roughly 30) missions that are themselves divided into programmes. parliament votes on each of the missions. within each mission, parliament can (a) remove allocations; (b) decrease allocations; (c) redistribute allocations between programmes without increasing the total allocated for the mission. it will therefore vote a level of expenditure equal to or less than that of the project.
Parliament has a specialized unit to conduct budgetary analysis For example, a Parliamentary Budget Office.
Number of staff (full-time equivalent positions)
Date when parliament received the draft budget from the government, per year
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Date when parliament adopted the budget, per year
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