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The mandate, working methods and activities of women’s caucuses in parliament.

Caucus name
Forum of Women Parliamentarians of Guinea (FOFPAG)
Date of creation
The caucus is open to male MPs
The caucus is cross-party
In addition to the position of President, General Secretary and Treasurer, there are four 4 commissions that strengthen the FOFPAG Bureau:

The Internal Control Committee;
The Committee on Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming;
The Advocacy, Awareness and Capacity Building Committee;
The Communication, External Relations and Social Affairs Committee.
Issues dealt with by the caucus
-Ensuring women's rights, gender equality and gender mainstreaming in Parliament.
-Promotion and protection of women's rights as defined in the National Gender Policy which aims at eradicating gender disparities in all socio-economic and political sectors of the country.
The caucus has a strategic plan or plan of action
Caucus contact details