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Historical data on women

Data on women’s right to vote and to stand for election, the date at which the first woman entered parliament, and female Heads of State or Government

Women's suffrage

Women’s right to vote
Women’s right to vote Year in which women obtained the right to vote
National or local Suffrage: National or Local
Restricted or unrestricted suffrage Suffrage: Restricted or Universal
Notes Suffrage: Additional Notes on right of suffrage
The Constitution of 1985 extended the right to vote to all citizens and established equality between the sexes.
Women’s right to stand for election
Women's right to stand for election Year in which women obtained the right to stand for election
National or local Stand for Election: National or Local
Notes Stand for Election: Additional Notes on right to stand for election
Right to stand for election granted after the 6 December 1950 elections and confirmed in article 16 of the 1957 Constitution.
First woman in parliament
First woman in parliament Year in which first woman entered parliament