Supreme Council

Specialized body - Women's caucus

Parliamentary Forum for Women
(January 2011)


Formal or informal
The caucus is open to male MPs
The caucus is cross-party
There are rules governing the functioning of the caucus


Issues dealt with by the caucus
The Forum has played a significant role in introducing and passing legislation to prevent bridal kidnapping and early marriages, ensure that 30 percent of each gender is represented in parliament and local councils, and curb domestic violence.

Since the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence passed in 2017, the Forum has monitored its implementation and effectiveness. It has also convened public meetings in rural areas to hear directly from citizens to identify loopholes and weaknesses in the law.

The Forum held a series of public meetings, petition drives and letter writing campaigns that ultimately secured increased protections for victims of domestic violence and showed that barriers facing women can be overcome through sustained and organized political pressure.
The caucus has a strategic plan or plan of action
The caucus has a communication plan

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