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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections.


Election date(s)
10 Jul 2022 to 31 Jul 2022
Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature
13 Aug 2022
Timing of election
Upon normal expiry
Expected date of next elections
31 Jul 2026
Number of seats at stake
Scope of elections
Full renewal


About the election

President Denis Sassou-Nguesso's Congolese Workers Party (PCT) retained a comfortable majority in the 151-member National Assembly. It won 112 seats, up from 92 in 2017. Two opposition parties came a distant second, taking seven seats each: the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS, led by Mr. Pascal Tsaty Mabiala) and the Union of Humanist Democrats–YUKI (UDH–YUKI, see note). On 16 August, the newly elected National Assembly held its first session and re-elected Mr. Isidore Mvouba (PCT) as Speaker. On 22 September, President Sassou-Nguesso re-appointed Mr. Anatole Collinet Makosso (PCT) as Prime Minister.


UDH–YUKI was formed by Mr. Guy Brice Parfait Kolélas, who came second in the 2016 presidential elections. The 20 independent candidates elected in 2017 belonged to this party. Mr. Kolélas died from COVID-19 complications in 2021.

Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition

Parties or coalitions winning seats

Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political group Total
Congolese Workers Party (PCT) 112
Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS) 7
Union of Humanist Democrats-YUKI (UDH-YUKI) 7
Action & Renewal Movement (MAR) 4
Rally for Democracy and Social Progress (RDPS) 2
Club 2002 - Party for the Unity of the Republic (PUR) 2
Republican Liberal Party (PRL) 2
Republican Dynamics for Development (DRD) 2
La Chaîne 1
Movement for Unity, Solidarity, and Work (MUST) 1
Perspectives and Realities Club (CPR) 1
Citizens' Rally (RC) 1
Permanent Action for the Congo (APC) 1
Movement for Democracy and Progress (MDP) 1
Union for the Reconstruction and Development (URDP) 1
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integrated Development (MCDDI) 1
Patriotic Union for Democracy and Progress (UPDP) 1
Independents 4
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected
Percentage of women elected
Women Directly Elected

New legislature

Total number of men after the election
Total number of women after the election
Percentage of women after the election
First-term parliamentarians
No information available
Percentage of first-term parliamentarians
No information available
Date of the first session
16 Aug 2022

First Speaker of the new legislature

Personal details for the first Speaker of the new legislature
Isidore Mvouba (Male)
Date of birth: 14 Apr 1949
Political party
Congolese Workers Party (PCT)
Date of election
16 Aug 2022

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Historical data for IPU membership
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