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Parliamentary Group of Women Deputies (GPMD) June 2015


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Women's caucus

Women's caucus

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In line with the Gender Equality and Equity Policy of the Legislative Assembly (PIEGAL), general aims of the GPMD are:

- To sensitize and raise awareness of all parliamentary members on gender equality and women’s rights.

- Formulate and promote a legislative agenda without distinction of political party, oriented toward strengthening initiatives for the defense of women’s rights, gender equality and the oversight of public policies promulgated with these objectives.

- Perform oversight for adherence to national and international regulations aimed at protecting women’s rights and gender equality

Specific objectives include:

- Establishing a space for Deputies across political parties, to consult with one another and discuss legislative actions which promote women's rights and gender equality

- Developing and advocating for a legislative agenda on the promotion of gender equality, equity and women’s rights

- Exchanging good practices for the promotion of gender equality, equity and women’s rights in legislative work

- Establishing advocacy strategies for the implementation of the Assembly's Gender Equality and Equity Policy Legislative (PIEGAL) and the approval of the legislative agenda on gender

- Carrying out political oversight from a gender perspective

- Strengthening the legislative work of Deputies on gender

- Strengthening the gender institutions within the Assembly which includes:

1) The Technical Unit of Equality and Gender Equality (UTIEG), a permanent technical administrative body established in 2007, charged with promoting gender mainstreaming in all legislative work

2) The Special Permanent Commission of Women, established in 1999, that dictates bills on women’s rights and gender equality and has oversight power

Draft rules (pending approval) seek to formalize the GPMD and provide the caucus with more of a voice and a vote when the parliament is considering agendas or projects related to gender equality and women’s rights.

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