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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections.


Election date(s)
24 Oct 2020 to 08 Dec 2020
Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature
09 Jan 2021
Timing of election
Upon normal expiry
Expected date of next elections
31 Oct 2025
Number of seats at stake
Scope of elections
Full renewal


Total number of candidates

Notes: Over 4,000 candidates for the 284 seats filled under the majority system, and over 1,100 for the 284 seats filled under the proportional representation system.


About the election

The Mostaqbal Watan party (Future of the Nation, which supports President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi) won a majority, taking 317 seats in the 596-member House of Representatives (see note). Most of the remaining seats were taken by its partners in the National Unified List. They included the Republican People’s Party, which finished second with 49 seats. The number of women increased from 89 in 2015 to 162 in 2020, including 14 presidential appointees. On 12 January, the newly elected House of Representatives elected former Supreme Constitutional Court judge Hanafy Ali el Gibaly (Mostaqbal Watan) as its new Speaker.

The 2020 elections to the House of Representatives followed contests for the Senate (a newly created upper chamber) in which Mostaqbal Watan won a majority. Both elections were held amid the COVID-19 pandemic. By October, the virus had infected more than 105,000 people and killed nearly 6,200 in the country. Turnout was low: about 29 per cent of 63 million eligible voters turned out at the polls.


The House of Representatives comprises 568 directly elected members and 28 members appointed by the President. In all, 284 of the 568 members are elected under a majority system in two rounds from 142 constituencies, while 284 other members are elected under a proportional representation system from four constituencies.

Number of parties winning seats
Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition
Alternation of power after elections

Parties or coalitions winning seats

Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political group Total
Future of the Nation (Mostakbal Watan) 317
Republican People's party (El Shaab el Gomhory) 49
New Wafd party (Al Wafd El Gadeed) 25
Homeland Defenders Party 23
Modern Egypt Party (Masr Al Haditha) 13
Reform and Development Party 9
Egyptian Conference Party 8
Al-Nour Party 7
Egyptian Freedom Party 7
Egyptian Social Democratic Party 7
Tagammu 6
Justice Party 2
Eradet Geel Party 2
Independents 117
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected


In July 2021, Parliament corrected the number of members as at January 2021 as follows.

Note on the Distribution of seats according to sex as at 17 January 2021:

As at 17 January 2021, there were a total of 593 (not 591) members of whom 162 were women;

- 148 women directly elected out of 565 (not 564) directly elected members with three vacancies*;

- 14 women appointed by the President out of 28 (not 27) members.

* Election was not held in one constituency and two male members had passed away before January 2021.

Note on the Distribution of seats according to sex as at 11 July 2021:

- Two women (one from the New Wafd Party the other from the Homeland Defenders Party) filled the vacancies of the two directly elected seats in February and March 2021 bringing the total number of women to 164.

- As at 11 July 2021, there were 592 members of whom 164 were women.

Percentage of women elected
Women Directly Elected
Women Appointed
Other notes on the elections

Note on Parties or coalitions winning seats:

The distribution of seats above refers to 592 members as at July 2021.

Note on the election dates

The 2020 elections were held in two phases:

- Phase 1: 24-25 October 2020, with run-offs on 23-24 November;

- Phase 2: 4-6 November, with run-offs on 7-8 December.

In July 2021, Parliament corrected the number of members as at January 2021 as follows.


House of Representatives (12.01.2021, 17.01.2021, 19.01.2021, 06.07.2021, 08.07.2021, 31.08.2021)

New legislature

Total number of men after the election
Total number of women after the election
Percentage of women after the election
First-term parliamentarians
No information available
Percentage of first-term parliamentarians
No information available
Date of the first session
12 Jan 2021

First Speaker of the new legislature

Personal details for the first Speaker of the new legislature
Hanafy Ali El Gebali (Male)
Date of election
12 Jan 2021

Historical data for IPU membership

Historical data for IPU membership
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