Croatian Parliament

Political system
Parliamentary system
Structure of parliament
IPU membership

Data on youth

Data on youth representation and age of parliamentarians, as well as mechanisms and structures that encourage or enhance the participation of young people in national parliaments.

Eligibility and voting

Minimum age of eligibility
Minimum age for voting in parliamentary elections

Reserved seats and quotas

Youth quota
There are reserved seats in parliament for certain groups


Eight seats are reserved for the following ethnic minorities:

- Serbian minority: three seats

- Czech and Slovak minorities: one seat

- Italian minority: one seat

- Hungarian minority: one seat

- Austrian, Bulgarian, German, Polish, Roma, Romanian, Ruthenian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vallachian and Jewish minorities: one seat

- Albanian, Bosnian, Montenegro, Macedonian and Slovenian minorities: one seat

Constitutional Law on the Right of National Minorities (of December 2002), art. 19

Representation at the start of the current legislature

Data on the age of parliamentarians is collected at the start of the legislature, following the most recent elections. This data is not updated during the legislature, except when parliament notifies the IPU of a change in the youngest or oldest member.

Representation in Parliament

Number of members, by age (2024-05)
Breakdown of members by age and gender
18 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 45 46 - 50 51 - 60 61 - 70 71 - 80 81 - 90 91 and over Totals per gender
Male No information available
Total <= 45: - Total >= 46: -
Percentage of members, by age
Age at the last election or renewal Overall Male Female
Percentage of MPs 30 years of age or younger
- - -
Percentage of MPs 40 years of age or younger
- - -
Percentage of MPs 45 years of age or younger
- - -

Historical data for IPU membership

Historical data for IPU membership
Year IPU membership
List of values for 2020-09
List of values for 2019-04
List of values for 2018-06