House of Representatives

Political system
Parliamentary system
Structure of parliament
IPU membership

Parliamentary mandate

Start and end of mandate

Start of the parliamentary mandate for newly elected members
When the election results are declared
Date of start of mandate for newly elected members
No information available
Start of the parliamentary mandate for appointed members
Not applicable
Date of start of mandate for appointed members
No information available
End of the parliamentary mandate
On the last day of the chamber’s term (including in the case of early dissolution)
Date of end of mandate
No information available


Mode of designation of the Speaker
The Speaker is elected from among the members of parliament/chamber
Authority that designates the Speaker when the Speaker is designated from outside parliament.
Not applicable
Rank of the Speaker in the hierarchy of the State
Speaker becomes interim Head of State in the event of the latter’s death or incapacity
Speaker's mandate continues between legislatures

Speaker terms

The term of the Speaker is different from the term of the house
Speaker's term
5 Years
Fixed election date for the Speaker, if any
No information available

Immunity and code of conduct

Parliament’s authorization is required for the detention or prosecution of members
There is a Code of conduct for members

Salaries and allowances

Members are paid salaries by parliament
Basic salary, per year
105,271 EUR
Basic salary, per year in PPP
Basic allowances
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Basic allowance in PPP
Names of the basic allowances

- Public Representative Allowance expenses must be vouched and are subject to an annual limit and vary according to a member's role. The maximum that can be received per year is €20,350.

- The Travel and Accommodation Allowance (TAA) is dependent on attendance. Paid monthly, it is based on the distance from the member's normal place of residence to Leinster House, and there are 12 bands relating to different distances and different amounts for TDs, Senators and Office Holders within the bands. Members must attend a minimum of 120 days to receive the full amount, deducted by 1% for each day less than 120. Members are paid monthly based on the appropriate band. At the end of the year they must certify that the amount paid to them was applied in respect of expenses incurred for the purpose specified in the regulations and return.

Periodicity of attendance allowance
Members pay income tax on salaries
Members pay income tax on allowances
No information available
Members can have remunerated employment outside parliament
Members are required to declare income from other employment to parliament
Additional salaries and allowances provided for leadership positions

Facilities, services and allowances for constituency work

Personal staff to work directly for the parliamentarian
Office at parliament
Constituency office
Other cash or in-kind allowances for constituency work


- Constituency Office establishment allowance

- Public Representative Allowance can cover some constituency-related costs.

- Travel & Accommodation Allowance (TAA) covers the costs associated with travel to and from Leinster House, overnights and for TDs only, other travel expenses including constituency travel.

Additional salaries and allowances for leadership positions
List of salaries and allowances for leadership positions
Salary Allowances
Speaker Yes Yes
Committee Chair Yes Yes


Speaker - 179,213 (81,000 EUR in addition to basic salary)

Committee Chair - 107,613 EUR (9,500 EUR in addition to basic salary)

Deputy Speaker

Party Whips

Members of Oireachtas Commission

Salary of the Speaker
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Parliament determines the amount of salaries
Name of the institution outside parliament which determines the amount

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform based on the recommendations of the Review Body on Higher Remuneration for the Public Service

Parliament determines the amount of allowances
The parliamentary salary is determined in reference to another salary scale
Reference scale used for parliamentary salaries
Civil service salary scale

Notes: Prior to independence, under British administration, women were granted the right to vote on 17 April 1963. This right was confirmed at independence.

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Participation in the government

Members of the government must also be members of parliament
Must be a member of parliament
Number of members of the parliament/chamber who are also members of the government
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Members for whom data is available
Percentage of members of parliament/chamber who are also members of the government
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Historical data for IPU membership

Historical data for IPU membership
Year IPU membership
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