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Data on parliamentary elections, including the background, candidates, voter turnout, results and the formation of the new legislature. By default the latest election results are displayed. Select a date to view results from previous elections.


Election date(s)
04 Mar 2018
Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature
28 Dec 2017
Timing of election
Upon normal expiry
Number of seats at stake
Scope of elections
Full renewal


Number of parties contesting the election
Total number of candidates
The number of women candidates is not available from authoritative sources.

Voter turnout

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Voter turnout


About the election

The coalition led by Mr. Matteo Salvini’s League (formerly Northern League) became the largest force in both chambers of Parliament but failed to win an outright majority. Mr. Luigi di Maio’s Five Star Movement (M5S) became the second largest force in both chambers, winning nearly double the number of seats won by the coalition led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party (PD).

After lengthy negotiations, on 28 May, the League and M5S agreed to form a coalition government under law professor Giuseppe Conte, who is not a parliamentarian. Although President Sergio Mattarella initially refused the new Cabinet, a modified composition of the Cabinet was accepted on 31 May. Mr. Conte was sworn in as Prime Minister, succeeding the outgoing Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (PD). The new Cabinet, which won a vote of confidence in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies on 5 and 6 June respectively, includes League leader Mr. Salvini as Interior and Deputy Prime Minister and M5S leader Mr. Di Maio as Industry and Deputy Prime Minister.

The 2018 elections (see note) were the first to be held after the refugee crisis of 2015. The major parties focused on the issues of refugees and migration. M5S promised to change the Dublin regulation under which refugees have to seek asylum in the first EU country they reach. The PD promised to cut aid to countries that refuse to accept migrants. A joint policy document of the League-M5S coalition includes commitments to build more detention centres so as to accelerate the deportation of an estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants.


The 2018 elections were held under the new mixed electoral system, approved by Parliament in October 2017. Under the new law (Rosatellum bis), 37 per cent of the 630 Chamber seats and 315 elective Senate seats are filled through First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) while 63 per cent use the proportional representation system. The new law also provides for a three-per-cent threshold for single parties to be able to enter parliament, and a 10 per cent threshold for coalitions.

Number of parties winning seats
Percentage of parties winning seats
Percentage of seats won by largest party or coalition
Alternation of power after elections
Number of parties in government
Names of parties in government
Coalition Lega - Forza Italia - FdI - NcI-UdC, Five Star Movement (M5s)*

*Coalition Lega - Forza Italia - FdI - NcI-UdC comprises: the League (Lega), Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and We with Italy (Noi con l'Italia)-Union of the Centre (UdC).

Parties or coalitions winning seats

Parties or coalitions winning seats
Political group Total
Coalition Lega - Forza Italia - FdI - NcI-UdC 265
Five Star Movement (M5s) 227
Coalition Democratic Party (PD) - +EUROPA" - IEI-CP - SVP-PATT 122
Free and Equal (LeU) 14
Associative Movement of Italians Abroad (MAIE) 1
South American Union of Italian Immigrants (USEI) 1
Members elected, by sex
Number of men elected
Number of women elected
Percentage of women elected
Women Directly Elected
Other notes on the elections

Number of parties winning seats: 2 coalitions and 4 parties/groups

Number of parties in government: One coalition and one party

Note on the distribution of seats:

- Coalition Lega - Forza Italia - FdI - NcI-UdC comprises: the League (Lega), Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and We with Italy (Noi con l'Italia)-Union of the Centre (UdC).

- Coalition Democratic Party (PD) - "+EUROPA" - IEI-CP - SVP-PATT comprises: the Democratic Party (PD), More Europe (+EUROPA), Italy Europe Together (IEI), the Popular Civic List (CP) and the South Tyrolean People’s Party (SVP) - the Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party (PATT).


Chamber of Deputies (23.03.2018)

Ministry of Interior

Gazzetta Ufficiale

New legislature

Total number of men after the election
Total number of women after the election
Percentage of women after the election
First-term parliamentarians
Percentage of first-term parliamentarians
Date of the first session
24 Mar 2018

First Speaker of the new legislature

Personal details for the first Speaker of the new legislature
Roberto Fico (Male)
Date of birth: 1974
Political party
Five Star Movement (M5s)
Date of election
24 Mar 2018

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