Specialized bodies

CountryChamberStructure of parliamentChamber typeNameThemesNumber of chairsChair(s) aged 45 or belowSex of chair(s)
AlbaniaParliamentUnicameral Subcommittee on Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence against WomenGender equality1
AndorraGeneral CouncilUnicameralLegislative Commission for Social Affairs and Equality Gender equality1
ArmeniaNational AssemblyUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
AustriaNational CouncilBicameralLower chamberCommittee for Equal Treatment AffairsGender equality1
AustriaFederal CouncilBicameralUpper chamberCommittee for Equal Treatment AffairsGender equality1
AzerbaijanNational AssemblyUnicameralCommittee on Family, Women and Children AffairsGender equality1
BelarusHouse of RepresentativesBicameralLower chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
BelarusCouncil of the RepublicBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
BelgiumHouse of RepresentativesBicameralLower chamberAdvisory Committee for Social EmancipationGender equality1
BelgiumSenateBicameralUpper chamberCommission on Cross-cutting issues - Community CompetencesGender equality1
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHouse of RepresentativesBicameralLower chamberCommittee on Gender Equality Gender equality1
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHouse of PeoplesBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
BulgariaNational AssemblyUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
CroatiaCroatian ParliamentUnicameralGender Equality CommitteeGender equality1
CyprusHouse of RepresentativesUnicameralHouse Standing Committee on Human Rights and on Equal Opportunities for Men and WomenGender equality1
Czech RepublicChamber of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberPermanent Commission on Family Issues, Equal Opportunities and MinoritiesGender equality1
Czech RepublicSenateBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
DenmarkThe Danish ParliamentUnicameralThe Gender Equality CommitteeGender equality1
EstoniaThe Estonian ParliamentUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
FinlandParliamentUnicameralEmployment and Equality CommitteeGender equality1
FranceNational AssemblyBicameralLower chamber Delegation for Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and WomenGender equality1
FranceSenateBicameralUpper chamber Delegation for Women's Rights and Equal opportunities between Women and MenGender equality1
GeorgiaParliamentUnicameralConseil pour l'égalité des sexesGender equality1
GeorgiaParliamentUnicameralGender Equality Council Gender equality1
GermanyGerman BundestagBicameralLower chamberCommittee on Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and YouthGender equality1
GermanyFederal CouncilBicameralUpper chamberCommittee on Women and YouthGender equality1
GreeceHellenic ParliamentUnicameralSpecial Permanent Committee on Equality, Youth and Human RightsGender equality, Human rights1
HungaryNational AssemblyUnicameralCommittee on JusticeGender equality1
HungaryNational AssemblyUnicameralCommittee on Social WelfareGender equality1
HungaryNational AssemblyUnicameralSubcommittee on Women’s Dignity of the Committee on CultureGender equality1
IcelandParliamentUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
IrelandHouse of RepresentativesBicameralLower chamberJoint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and IntegrationGender equality1
IrelandSenateBicameralUpper chamberJoint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and IntegrationGender equality1
ItalyChamber of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
ItalySenateBicameralUpper chamberParliamentary Commission of Inquiry into femicide and all forms of gender based violence Gender equality1
LatviaParliamentUnicameralInequality Reduction subcommittee of the Social and Employment Matters CommitteeGender equality1
LiechtensteinDietUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
LithuaniaParliamentUnicameralCommittee on Human Rights Gender equality1
LuxembourgChamber of DeputiesUnicameralCommittee on Home Affairs and Equality between Women and MenGender equality1
MaltaHouse of RepresentativesUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
MonacoNational CouncilUnicameral Commission on the Rights of Women and FamilyGender equality1
MontenegroParliamentUnicameralGender Equality CommitteeGender equality1
NetherlandsHouse of RepresentativesBicameralLower chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
NetherlandsSenateBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
North MacedoniaAssembly of the RepublicUnicameralCommittee of Equal Opportunities for Women and MenGender equality1
NorwayParliamentUnicameralFamily and Culture CommitteeGender equality1
PolandSejmBicameralLower chamberSocial Policy and Family CommitteeGender equality1
PolandSenateBicameralUpper chamberFamily, Seniors and Social Policy CommitteeGender equality1
PortugalAssembly of the RepublicUnicameralSubcommittee for Equality and Non-discrimination of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and GuaranteesGender equality1
Republic of MoldovaParliamentUnicameralCommittee for Human Rights and Inter-ethnic RelationsGender equality, Human rights1
RomaniaChamber of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberCommittee on Equal Opportunities for Women and MenGender equality1
RomaniaSenateBicameralUpper chamberCommittee for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Cults and MinoritiesGender equality, Human rights1
Russian FederationState DumaBicameralLower chamberCommittee on Family, Women and ChildrenGender equality1
Russian FederationCouncil of the FederationBicameralUpper chamberFederation Council Committee on Social Policy Gender equality1
San MarinoGreat and General CouncilUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
SerbiaNational AssemblyUnicameralWorking body under Committee on Human and Minority Rights and Gender EqualityGender equality1
SlovakiaNational CouncilUnicameralNo specialized bodyGender equality
SloveniaNational AssemblyBicameralLower chamberCommission for Petitions, Human Rights and Equal OpportunitiesGender equality1
SloveniaNational CouncilBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality
SpainCongress of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberCommission for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Agreements of the State Pact against Gender ViolenceGender equality1
SpainCongress of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberCommission on Labour, Inclusion, Social Security and MigrationGender equality1
SpainCongress of DeputiesBicameralLower chamberEquality CommissionGender equality1
SpainSenateBicameralUpper chamberSenate Equality Commission Gender equality1
SwedenParliamentUnicameralThe Riksdag Board's Working Group for Gender EqualityGender equality1
SwitzerlandNational CouncilBicameralLower chamberScience, Education and Culture Committee of the National CouncilGender equality1
SwitzerlandCouncil of StatesBicameralUpper chamberScience, Education and Culture Committee of the Council of States Gender equality1
TürkiyeGrand National Assembly of TürkiyeUnicameralCommittee on Equality of Opportunity for Women and Men Gender equality1
UkraineParliamentUnicameralSub-committee of the Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Committee on Ukraine’s Compliance with International Commitments on Human Rights Protection and Gender PolicyGender equality, Human rights1
UkraineParliamentUnicameralSub-committee on Gender Equality and Non-discrimination (under Committee on Human Rights, Deoccupation and Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories...National Minorities and Interethnic Relations)Gender equality1
United KingdomHouse of LordsBicameralUpper chamberNo specialized bodyGender equality