Global and regional averages of women in national parliaments

Each month, IPU publishes global and regional averages of the percentage of women in national parliaments. See the monthly ranking for the data used to compile the averages.

The data in this table has been compiled by the Inter-Parliamentary Union on the basis of information provided by national parliaments.

Figures correspond to the number of seats filled in Parliament at the given time. These averages may evolve over time based on updates received from Parliaments.

See the regional groupings of countries used to make the regional averages.

The regions in the table below are listed by percentage of seats held by women in lower and single chambers.

Global and regional averages for 1997-2018 are available on the IPU archive site.

Averages for time period

Averages as of 1st January 2020

Global averages
  Lower chamber and unicameral Upper chamber All chambers
Total MPs 38,829 7,195 46,024
Gender breakdown known for 38,829 7,195 46,024
Men 29,148 5,422 34,570
Women 9,681 1,773 11,454
Percentage of women 24.9% 24.6% 24.9%
Regional averages
Region Lower chamber and unicameral Upper chamber All chambers
Americas 31.1% 32.3% 31.3%
Europe 30.1% 29.1% 29.9%
Sub-Saharan Africa 24.4% 23.9% 24.3%
Asia 20.5% 16.7% 20.0%
Middle East and North Africa 17.5% 10.8% 16.6%
Pacific 16.4% 43.8% 19.3%